Rules & Code of Conduct

All Employees of ride owners, game vendors, food concessions & all vendors affiliated with Hammerl Amusements, Inc. must read and sign the following rules & code of conduct.

Code of Conduct

  1. No person under the age of 21 is allowed to drink alcoholic beverages at any time. If you are caught drinking, you will be immediately removed from the premises, no exceptions.
  2. No drugs. If you are caught in an illegal act of any kind, the police will be called & you will be arrested.
  3. Anyone who wishes to stay overnight at any Hammerl Amusements event must follow the Code of Conduct: Quiet after midnight, Cleanup any mess you have made (including food, trash, cans, etc), Under no circumstances should anyone go near the rides, games or food stands. You will be fired immediately if you attempt to get on a ride after we are closed for the night.
  4. All employees affiliated with Hammerl Amusements must wear the proper uniform (shirt, hat, jacket or sweatshirt). If you do not have the proper attire, one will be provided for you.

Safety & Procedures

  1. Each and every employee must read and sign the safety and procedures manual provided with specific instructions for each and every ride on our show.
  2. Weekly employee meetings are held prior to the opening of each event to review different safety instructions/information and to answer any questions.

Thank you,
The Management